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Monitoring your backups with Iperius Console – Installation and Configuration

Iperius Console is the software that allows to monitor all your backups made with Iperius Backup, along with the possibility to start and schedule them remotely in a few clicks. With Iperius Console, you can also view information about connected PCs and group them into Workgroups, also interfacing directly with other products of the Iperius […]


6 Simple Tweaks To Optimize The Use Of Virtual Machines For IT Resellers

Do you know that due to your ineffective and less optimized IT platform you stand the chance of losing all your customers in no time? A research conducted by UK internet compendium reveals that a whopping 38 percent of UK online shoppers instantly abandon apps/online platforms that take more than 10 seconds to load. In […]


7 Priceless Benefits Virtualization Administrator Would Get From Using “VMware ESXi”

No doubt, virtualization administrators are in the capacity to direct the organization’s overall operations, to look out for the latest technology that’ll allow their work to run faster with fewer resources. But with a lot of virtualization software options available, and with the high usage of common virtual servers amongst several organizations, it has become […]


Advantages and Features of Exchange Server 2016

Exchange Server 2016 has been around for two years now when this article is written, and it already hits its 7th cumulative update. As stated in Microsoft Technet article, Exchange Server 2016 has been made to be more scalable, more efficient in hardware utilization, and more effective in failure isolation compared to its predecessor. Changes […]


Why the backup runs manually but fails when run automatically?

A common problem that one can encounter when installing Iperius Backup as a service and setting up a schedule for it is to encounter errors accessing network paths. These errors generally occur only when the backup is run in the automatic mode according to a schedule, while backups run manually complete successfully. The cause of […]


Using OneDrive for Business to work smarter and more effectively

OneDrive for Business is a platform from Microsoft that provides space in the cloud for you to store your work files so you can access it from anywhere using internet connection. You can also share the files easily to your peers within your organization or 3rd parties, and in addition to that, you can manage […]


Restore Exchange Server using Windows Server Backup

When restoring an Exchange server using Windows Server Backup (WSB) role, the administrator must ensure that the backup is an Exchange-aware VSS-based backup. Having an Exchange-aware VSS-based backup is important to minimize the issue that will occur upon restoring the backup. An Exchange-aware backup can only be created by using plugin WSBExchange that does not […]


Mount and Browse Hyper-V or vSphere Virtual Disk File

Virtual disk file is equivalent to the physical hard disk of our physical machine. It could contain the operating system that runs on the Virtual Machine itself, as well as the folders and files. When a VM is backed up from the host level, what happens in the background is the VM’s virtual disk file […]


Google Drive backup with Iperius

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service provided by Google, which enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. It can also be considered an online drive, that can be accessed through any browser and mobile device. Unfortunately, the synchronization tool provided by Google Drive doesn’t guarantee a real protection against some ransomware like Cryptowall, Cryptolocker, […]


Incremental Backup of Virtual Machines: time of being part of your strategy

Backup has always been one of the must-have IT capabilities, especially in enterprise network. It has to be done to ensure that the IT system can always be recovered from a failure or disaster condition, and also to ensure that users will not lose their important data and access to services. A good backup strategy […]


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