Iperius Backup Full is the complete solution for server protection. Due to its flexibility and richness of features, as well as the professional services of Online Storage and Iperius Console, Iperius is the ideal choice for Windows Server 2008/2003 and Server 2012, Server 2016. Disk image, hot backup of open files (VSS), backup of databases and ESXi / Hyper-V virtual machines, online backup to Cloud/FTP, backup to NAS and Tape LTO, Backup of Exchange mailboxes.

A powerful, reliable and complete backup solution for any server, Iperius is also an extremely stable and lightweight software that is sold under a perpetual license, with no limitations or hidden costs, at the most competitive price on the global market.


Iperius Backup Full
Complete backup software for Windows Server

  • Backup to NAS, Tape, FTP, Cloud
  • Drive Image, virtual machines ESXi / Hyper-V
  • Database backup and Exchange backup
  • Open file backup (VSS)
(lifetime license)

Online Storage
Professional cloud backup with FTPS support

  • Secure online backup
  • FTPS + AES support
  • From 50 GB to 3 TB
  • Incremental backup

Iperius Console
Control all your backups remotely

  • Monitor backup results
  • Run backups remotely
  • Update Iperius remotely
  • Control all Iperius installations


Backup/Restore VMware ESXi/Free-vCenter (CBT)

Iperius is one of the most powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use software for VMware ESXi backup. It supports the incremental and differential backup of virtual machines using Changed Block Tracking (CBT/VDDK) technology, only saving the actual used space on the virtual disks. The result is a great speed combined with space-saving. Compatible with both vCenter and ESXi Free (vSphere Hypervisor), it also supports automatic restore on different hosts (also for replicating/cloning virtual machines).

Backup/Restore Hyper-V

Iperius allows you to back up and restore Hyper-V virtual machines in an extremely simple and fast way. It supports all versions of Hyper-V and can save virtual machines in two modes, either by copying individual disk files or by executing an incremental image (block level), also with the truncation of logs. A very powerful feature of Iperius is the ability to run virtual machine snapshots and backups of Hyper-V servers from any computer on the network, in a completely automatic way.

Backup/Restore Exchange Server.

It is powerful, easy to configure, lightweight and inexpensive. These are the features that make Iperius one of the best software for Exchange backup. It can export mailboxes to .PST files (you can back up the Microsoft mail server also from another machine in the network) and import them individually to retrieve one or more messages. A backup and a granular restore, to which you add the incremental image backup mode (block level), which also allows automatic log truncation.

Backup/Restore SQL Server and MySQL databases

Iperius is one of the best MySQL and SQL Server database backup software. It also supports the backup of SQL Express, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. With one license, you can back up unlimited databases by creating perfectly compatible backup files. Iperius also supports automatic database restore on different servers and allows you to save backup files to multiple destinations, such as NAS, external drives, Cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP servers.


Complete solution

You have powerful features like Disaster Recovery (with hardware independent restore), file synchronization to NAS or to FTP servers, backup of all databases, including SQL Server Express and MySQL. The online backup and Iperius Console services allow you to create a complete, secure and effective backup strategy.

Value over time

Our company has been developing software for over 20 years. Our products and our support service are a guarantee of quality and reliability. By purchasing an Iperius Backup license you also have a professional support and consulting service. The license is perpetual and updates are always free.

High flexibility

Many options for the best possible configuration: unlimited folders and destinations, open file backup (VSS), filters by file extension and by file size, e-mail notifications, execution of external scripts, compatible with all LTO and DAT tape drives, system recovery, incremental backup, automatic backup.

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