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A complete suite of products for the protection of data, online storage, monitoring of backup procedures and remote customer support.
When you choose Iperius software, you are sure of placing your company in reliable hands that are always available for support and collaboration.

Iperius Backup
Protect your data

  • Backup to NAS, FTP, Cloud
  • Drive image and VSS
  • Hyper-V and ESXi virtual machines
  • MySQL and SQL Server backup
Starting from
€ 29

Iperius Storage
Online backup

  • From 50 GB to 3 TB
  • FTP and FTPS support
  • Access from unlimited clients
  • Incremental and encrypted backup
Starting from
€ 39

Iperius Console
Monitor your backups

  • Centralized web dashboard
  • Integrates email notifications
  • Monitor all backup jobs
  • Run a backup or update Iperius
Starting from
€ 89

Iperius Remote
Remote control and support

  • Multiple connections
  • Automatic and unattended access
  • Chat and file transfer
  • Unlimited destination computers
Starting from
€ 96

Remote Desktop

Software for secure remote control and support that is complete and simple to use for individuals and businesses. A simple and low-cost licensing policy for remote desktop connection to any computer on the internet, for offering support to customers or for making product presentations (meetings). Iperius Remote is based on the secure HTTPS (SSL) protocol and includes bidirectional file transfer, a text chat and numerous customizable parameters.

Online Storage

Cloud backup space on a professional data center. Online backup is the winning strategy to safeguard one's work from theft, environmental disasters or attacks from viruses such as ransomware/cryptlocker. With one click configure automatic backups, incremental and differential backups, synchronization and the maintenance of previous versions of files. With support for FTPS, AES 256-bit encryption and access from any location or FTP client.

Iperius Console

Often it's not enough to simply configure a backup. One must be certain that the backup was made and that it was successful. Iperius Backup can send an email to one or to multiple recipients with the result of the backup carried out and all the necessary information. In addition to this, thanks to the Iperius Console, you can monitor immediately the performance of all backups using a centralized web panel.

Iperius Backup main features

Drive image backup (disaster recovery and bare metal restore even with dissimilar hardware) for workstations and servers. Create an exact image of the system disk in order to have a full backup of all the files and programs. Fast recovery without reinstalling any software and without reconfiguring any settings. Backup in the VHD/VHDX format, can also be mounted to restore single files.

Backup to the Cloud or to any FTP or SFTP server. Iperius can perform backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, as well as backup to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Storage. Thanks to the possibility of saving your data online, Iperius keeps you safe from viruses (such as cryptolocker or teslacrypt ransomware), theft and natural disasters. The most versatile online and remote backup.

Backup to NAS, RDX, LTO tape drives and practically any other mass storage device. Incremental and differential backup, AES 256-bit encryption, compression, the maintenance of multiple copies, detailed scheduling and email notification. With Iperius Backup it is possible to carry out the backup of files to NAS and to tape in a very simple manner. Compatible with all Windows systems, lightweight and affordable.

Backup VMware ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines. With a single license you can carry out backups of an unlimited number of hosts and ESXi virtual machines. Iperius can also backup ESXi Free. The backup of virtual machines is a hot backup and is made without any interruption. Hyper-V backup allows you to protect your virtual environment with a very simple configuration.

Database backup is extremely simple and efficient. Use Iperius to make SQL Server backups (including SQL Server Express Edition), as well as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Oracle. With a few simple configurations, you can protect unlimited numbers of databases with a single license. You can compress the backup, encrypt it or send it automatically to an FTP server or to the Cloud.

Iperius is an highly configurable, versatile and lightweight backup software and with a lot of options (you can also use it as portable software). Iperius includes hot copying of locked/open files (VSS), email notification, execution of external scripts, installation as a service, automatic backup scheduling, parallel backups and protection from ransomware.

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